Revolution, Reform, and Protest


America has based its existence in Revolutions and revolutionary ideas. In the 1700's when America was very young it did something not many other nations in the world did; we accepted everything and everyone into our country and protected individual rights in the most sacred document in American history; the Constitution. At the time no other country openly accepted all religions and also no other country demanded the people to revolt if the government was not looking out for the well being of the people as a first priority. These were Revolutionary ideas and these type of ideas founded America. The protection of 4th Amendments is forever protected by the United States Constitution and can never be violated; however, since the 9/11 terrorist attacks the 4th Amendment has been dwindled down to literally nothing and the government is doing a lot of things that are constitutionally wrong. The Cold War brought a lot of controversy to America specifically in regards with the ongoing American conflict with Cuba. The Mariel Boatlifts were a race revolution in America significantly boosting the population of the Cuban community in America. How they got here still remains a problem because after the Cuba officially ended the boatlifts many Cubans are illegally leaving Cuba and are illegally entering America so they can be free of the Cuban communist regime and many of them want to reunite with their family in America.

Mariel Boat lifts