Revolution, Reform, and Protest

Mariel Boatlifts

The Mariel Boat lifts was a political revolution in Cuba and race revolution in America. The change in political stature in Cuba represented many problems for America. On April 15, 1980 to the end of October 1980 Fidel Castro sent America a blatant sign of his disrespect when he opened the Mariel Harbor for any Cuban citizen to leave Cuba. 125,000 immigrants left Cuba most of which landed in Miami, Florida.  Miami is only 90 miles from the coast of Cuba making these boat rides very expedient and convenient. A large population of these immigrants were either prisoners or the mentally ill. Castro accused many of these people as being revolutionists and not buying into the Cuban way of life. This was Casto's way of "purifying" Cuba. President Carter could not turn away all of the fleeing emigrants but accepting the 125,000 plus was a very difficult decision. After first detaining the Cuban immigrants in holding camps for a few weeks but eventually admitted them Visa cards or in some cases United States Citizenship. Only a few of the murderers and villains were denied access into the country. Today this incident has set the precedent for illegal immigrants fleeing to America in start of a new life. New Cuban immigrant revolution changed the population in America and opened the flood gates for Cuban Americans attempting to flee into America.

Link to the video below. Only watch until 1:30.

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