Revolution, Reform, and Protest


9/11. 11 Sept. 2001. Chandlers Watch.  This picture really depicts the events that happened on September 11, 2001. In this picture you can see that one plane has already crashed into one of the buildings and in the background you can see the second plane coming around and about to hit the building.
Abourezk, James G. "James G. Abourezk, Papers 1970-1983 Wounded Knee, 1973 Series." USD. 1 May 1998. 9 May 2009 This website gave me a lot of detailed and preliminary information that gave me background information for the Wounded Knee Incident. This site gave me a lot of the consequences and the actions that actually led up to the actual take over of Wounded Knee, South Dakota.

J Stephen Smith J. Stephen Smith. "CUBA AND THE U.S." Newsday. 18 Apr 2009. A9. eLibrary. Proquest CSA. MARY INST & ST LOUIS DAY SCH. 10 May 2009. This site gave some preliminary information into the relationship between Fidel Castro and the United States. This gave some background information on the types of people and how many people actually came to the United States from Cuba. I did not rely heavily on this site but it did produce a few key statistics that I used.

Mariel Processing. 1980. United States Coast Guard Aviation History. This picture really enraptures the mass of people that were constantly coming in from Cuba. This picture depicts chaos and the unorginization of illegal Cuban immigrants influx in south florida.

Scarface. Dir. Brian De Palma. Perf. Al Pacino. This video has actual footage of a Castro rally where he is announcing that all of the people who are going to America are not wanted and they are holding back Cuba. This also gives statistics on how many people were coming and what their backgrounds were in Cuba. This video also shows clips of the many crowded boats that were carrying boatloads of Cubans coming to start a new life in America.

 Stories from Wounded Knee 1973. Perf. Bill Means. Youtube. 27 July 2007. 8 May 2009 This video is an actual account of an actual person involved with the take over of Wounded Knee. He has a first hand opinion in the actual events that occured during this hectic time. This first hand account was the best source that I found because it was truth although possibly bia toward the side of the AIM followers this source is the best that I came across.

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Anti-abortion protestors march in front of the Supreme Court Tuesday, January 22, 2002, the anniversary of the court's Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion." CHUCK KENNEDY. 22 Jan 2002. Knight-Ridder/Tribune News Service. eLibrary. Proquest CSA. MARY INST & ST LOUIS DAY SCH. 11 May 2009. This picture depicts the type and style of protest that people use in order to express their ideas about the Roe v. Wade trial. These protests are generally peaceful. Many people protest outside of places of power i.e.( White House, Court House, Rallys, etc.)

Wounded Knee
. Native American Ecards, Native-Americans. org. 10 May 2009 This picture depicts the status of the American Indian today. They want to keep their heiritage and thier way of life (Bow and arrow, traditional head bands). On the other hand you can see the Ameican flag draped around the Indian and the automatic weapon slung behind the Indian. This represents the dilema that many Indians fall into; Indians want to keep up the todays world but want to hold on to the very few things that they have left. In the background of the picture you can see a mass of Indians huddled together possibly practicing some religous acts; but, on the other side you can see the Church and this resembles how the white man has influenced many Native Americans away from their traditional gods and pressured them to worship through Christianity.

"Siege at Wounded Knee 1973." Peace Through Superior Firepower. 8 Mar. 2009. 12 May 2009 <>.  This site had a lot of the same information that I had previously found; however, this site supplied me with a very good quote that helped me draw parallels to two similar events that happened in American history.