Revolution, Reform, and Protest


September 11, 2001 Middle Eastern Terrorists hijacked several airplanes and flew them into two major buildings in New York. Consequently these were the last waking moments that Americans could truly live free. The federal government has taken many precautions to prevent an attack like this from ever happening again. In the years sense the government has steadily eroding our Fourth Amendment rights in the name of keeping the country safe. Wire tapping, racial profiling, illegal searches are all violations of the Fourth Amendment without judicial consent. These are all things that the Bill of Rights specifically protects us from but yet the government still does them. This anti constitutional revolution is said to be for the protection of the American people but at what cost. This new ideology that Americans must give up their natural born rights even if they don't give consent is revolutionary because twenty years ago the government would never be able to get away with this kind of activity. This has changed American lifestyle because security measures have heightened extremely, transportation hubs especially (airport, bus stops, harbors, etc.). The revolution of the ideology that Americans must be deprived of their rights in order to stay safe has changed the way the governments security measures work.  

Mariel Boat lifts

9/11. 11 Sept. 2001. Chandlers Watch.