Revolution, Reform, and Protest

Revolutions, Reforms, and Protests have shaken and pushed this country to the brink in the past 40 years. From Wounded Knee, South Dakota to New York City's 9/11 attack. From the Cuban community of Florida to the Federal Supreme Court. The after math of 9/11 sparked a reversal of rights; the same rights that have been guaranteed by the constitution since the end of the American Revolution. The Cuban invasion (floatila) in the early 1980's changed the demographics of south Florida and the controversial influx of Cuba's undesirables.   The Wounded Knee Incident in 1973 was a major race rights protests that grasped the country's attention from January to May.  One of the most infamous reforms in American History was the Supreme Court decision in Roe v. Wade. This trial set the standard for abortion rights in America and essentially divided the country into either pro life or pro choice. The debate as to when life begins for a fetus is still heavily debated and has changed Americans beliefs about the morals of choice. All of these events have in someway left their mark on this country.